Amusement Games for Kids to Play with Colored Water Balloons

Colored Water Balloons

Water balloons are shoddy, colorful, and fun for all ages — making them the ideal expansion to summer picnics, BBQs, and family get-togethers. Rather than basically having hard and fast Water Balloon War Games, look at this rundown of fun games you can play with Colored Water Balloons. You can gather a few thoughts from around the web. In some cases simply is ideal. Your children will basically cherish these games with colored water balloons and appreciate completely.

Water Balloon Pinata:

  • This Water Balloon pinata is a fun approach to chill on a hot summer day.
  • Things required:
  • Bundle of Balloons
  • Cotton String
  • Little plastic Funnel
  • Outside Hose
  • Cardboard mailing Tube or Plastic Bat


  • Preceding filling balloons, select a spot where you can tie the balloons overhead so that the kids will need to reach up with the bat, yet not very high.
  • Connect a balloon to the thin end of the funnel and after that, gradually fill the balloon with water. Tie end. Note that the fuller the balloon is filled, the speedier it will blast.
  • Fill around 7 (seven) balloons, putting every aside on a delicate surface, for example, patio furniture or an old blanket, to forestall puncturing the balloons early.
  • Cut a bit of string around 40 crawls in length. Tie every colored water balloons safely to the string, keeping every balloon around 2 creeps separated.
  • Tie ends of the string to a tree limb or chose structure. Tie safely, as balloon string will be overwhelming.

Water balloon towel toss game:

This is a straightforward, open air game utilizing water balloons that are awesome for the entire family. It is super fun and is a fun approach to staying cool on a hot day! You will love doing this for an extensive family get together and BBQs.

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You require:

  • Beach towels
  • Water balloons

Step by step instructions to Play:

  • Top off with water balloons
  • There are two teams and every individual clutch a side of the towel
  • Put the colored water balloon in the focal point of the towel
  • Toss the balloon utilizing a snapping motion with your towel and the other team needs to attempt to catch it
  • In the event that they get it, they step back for an additional test
  • In the event that a team does not get the balloon, then the other team gets a point.

Water balloon toss (More people, no towel):

Everybody gets a little giggly around colored water balloons. The fervor of popping them and getting wet makes even the least complex games elating.

Water balloon target practice game:

Set up targets, for example, a pyramid of cans, bottles or hula loops. The children attempt and thump over or hit the objectives with water balloons.

Water balloon batting practice:

Fun game for a hot day! Partition kids into groups and give one group extensive squirt weapons and one group a tub loaded with water balloons.

Battle of the balloons:

You will be in love with this Balloon Battle thought. Fill water balloons and water guns. This is an outright summer diversion undoubtedly. Welcome “Daddy or Mommy Home” with a water balloon fight.

Water balloon Ice Dinosaurs:

It’s so natural to get ready and extremely economical to make as well! You can discover thoughts from the web.

To make your own particular you will require:

  • Balloons (the bigger measured ones work best –utilize 30cm rounds)
  • Little Plastic Dinosaur Toys
  • Water
  • Sustenance dye (discretionary)
  • Hammer
  • Security goggles
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  • Take your Dino-stuffed balloon and fill it with water! You can likewise include a couple drops of sustenance coloring now for additional impact!
  • Transport your future frozen fossils (or FFF’s as we call them in the business;) to the cooler and let them solidify over night.
  • Once frozen, pull the balloon off the frozen egg… you may require scissors to kick it off, yet once it begins falling off, it’s truly entirely simple.
  • Take a hammer and begin uncovering to get to those Dinosaurs!
  • The children were so eager to recover their Dinosaurs after the majority of their diligent work!

Water balloon painting:

Nothing is better than doing chaotic art on a hot summer’s day! Water play would be perfect after this action. Water balloon egg & spoon race:

Water balloon jousting:

It’s a cheap party game that will possess all the necessary qualities for a summer birthday party.

What you need:

  • Foam kickboard (firm Styrofoam sort)
  • Pool Noodle
  • Channel tape
  • Color Powder
  • Water Balloons
  • Marker
  • Plastic fork
  • Substantial string
  • Cutting utensil (steak knife)

What to Do:

  • Removed abundance corners of kickboard with the goal that you have the big circle conceivable.
  • Fill around 40 water balloons and tie closed safely.
  • Presently, utilizing marker, make dabs at inexact spots where you will embed the water balloons. Begin with 3 specks over the top (will be 3 or 4 at base moreover).
  • Painstakingly make little openings through the foam kickboard, utilizing a knife.
  • Beginning at the top, push the tied-off end of a balloon through an opening utilizing your finger or something like a Popsicle stick.
  • Cut two lengths of string and append one to one side, highest, opening that holds your top column of balloons. Append the other to the opening on the top, left.
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Make Your Jousting Stick:

  • Embed a plastic fork into the end of a foam noodle. If the kids playing will be of a genuinely youthful age, you can cut the noodle somewhat shorter, however, we exited our own the first length.
  • Channel tape safely set up.
  • Remind players that the jousting stick is to be set down for the following player before they move far from their turn.
  • All players get 3 jabs for every turn.

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