Common obstacles businesses can face and how to handle them

Common obstacles businesses can face and how to handle them

Every business faces problems. No matter the size of the business, issues do arise and it is how you handle them that decides the fate and future of your company. All the big brands you know today, would have faced at least one of these problems in their infant stages.  Whether it be a problem with staffing or finding a new customer base, you’re not alone with these issues and there is always a solution. Common obstacles in business can often delay, postpone and even terminate some business plans. Being aware of what problems you may face and how to deal with them will put you a step ahead of the game.


Every growing business will have employees whether this be family members, friends or people you have interviewed and hired.  Employees are the backbone of any company, customers may be the most important aspect of a company; however without a good team of employees is it highly unlikely the customer will return. If you get served by a bad host at a restaurant that paints a negative picture of that entire brand in your mind, this is the same for any industry. Those at the front of house represent your brand more than anyone else.  To ensure you always have reliable staff it is important to ask potential staff members to have trial days to see how they react under pressure and with your customers. Interviews are a good way to see how someone represents themselves but you won’t truly know how they manage in the workplace until they are put under the pressure of the working environment.

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You may have the best product, great staff force and a long term business plan; however none of this will matter without marketing. Many businesses fall into a trap of believing customers will simply find you. This will not be the case without a detailed marketing plan. In the modern world it is crucial to have a website, even if your shop isn’t an online based business. A website can be a place to post; official opening times, news about the shop, customer loyalty schemes and build general brand awareness. If you are a local business, not doing any marketing can kill any early momentum your business gains. Contacting local press; newspapers and radio is a great way to get a local buzz about your business.  Engaging with a local marketing agency is a great method to do this, if you can afford to. Marketing can take up a lot of time if you’re inexperienced, this means it will give you more free time to focus on your customers.

Common obstacles businesses can face and how to handle them

Environmental Issue

The weather is one thing you can’t control at your business. This will depend on where you live but different areas have different problems. In the U.K some businesses for example are in high risk flood areas. A flood can leave a business closed for weeks, which is why it is important to have an emergency restoration company such as CleanSafe on hand to get your business up and running again. In other areas risk rain can be an issue, which means it is important to provide cover and heat if your business has any outdoor elements involved. Protecting your business as much as possible from the environment will ensure you are closed for minimal days. One way to do this is by having an insurance policy that covers any damages that happen to your business. This may be financially draining at the start but you will be grateful if anything did happen to your business.

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