Listening to Sahara – Musical Nights

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Music festivals are the part of human history. Arabians are one of the pioneersof Music, initially it was a mystical Sufi music but graduallygenreswere added with the time.Now many different melodies are offered in Arabic music industry with great compositions. Music, writing and travelling are the great escaping of life. They are more like the mental therapies for anyone. Rather than disturbing your stomach with uncountable amount of alcohol, choose anyone of them. This is the rule that when life is getting rough, ensure its roughness has to face yourtoughness. These are the outcomes of the night I spend in Sahara Desert, Morocco. Living between the Berber’s, listening to their survival stories while a music was played in the background. Music is best thing is that you don’t need to understand the language and can still enjoy it the core.Desert, Night, Starry Sky, Person, Dromedary, Sand, Dry

Dazzling Dunes of Sahara in Morocco

If you’ve chosen a special luxury tour, then be ready to enjoy a belly dance too but for individual nomads on budget can have fun with the music on camping night. Currently the tours are made happy go lucky for everyone but one can always put up their own show. Yes, dance, sing chatter and live the moment.Desert, Camel, Sand, Safari, Dry

  1. The Charming Sahara Desert

The Morocco Sahara is one of the best tours to take when on holidays to Morocco. If there’s is one thing that urge you to plan your trips again in Morocco is it’s dazzling desert. Not too crowded and silent. Even if there is little crowd, it still has the ability to grasp your attention completely.

  1. Dancing Desert

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Sahara maybe a silent place but Music makes it refreshing and impressive at the moment. It feels like desert is also enjoying a melody and dancing with you.Well the conversing with local nomads makes me realize that how strong they are. Moving on to the places from one another and there is no permanent place to live on. There are many Music festivals carried on different occasions but once you’ve got the chance to enjoy an Arabian music night then don’t miss it.

  1. Beyond the Musical night in Desert

If you’re planning holidays &specifically for Desert tours, then don’t go solo or inadvertent. Choose a company and book some exciting tours and activities to take out best from them. Apart from the musical night, one can opt for camel riding that seems easy from far but actually, it’s frightening. You can enjoy the buggy ride, get the instructions and go biking on the dunes of Sahara. Explore the desertby yourself.

No doubt desert is one of the most astonishing experience of life. Not only mind relaxing but will help you listen to the voices that were just ignored by you in the past. So, be on the road or in the desert, just live the moment you have. Stop worrying what’s left behind and be a wandererthat has no stringsattached to the future. Either you’re going to cherish the moments or life will introduce you to new marvels of soul.

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