Top 5 Travel tips you need when traveling to Dubrovnik

Over the past few years, Dubrovnik has gradually become one of the most desired travel destinations in Croatia. It has been described as the gem of not only Croatia but Europe in general. Anyone wishing to explore the beauty that is Dubrovnik should consider the following travel tips:

Top 5 Travel tips you need when traveling to Dubrovnik

1. Plan

I cannot emphasize this enough, plan, plan and plan! Just like with any other trip, create your itinerary and try and stick to it. Perhaps the core thing to plan first is how long your trip should take. Considering the numerous sites and activities that Dubrovnik has to offer, most people recommend a 4 to 5 days stay. This is to ensure you explore basically every nook and cranny!

Top 5 Travel tips you need when traveling to Dubrovnik

2. The Best time to go

Dubrovnik and specifically the old town is extremely tourist-heavy in the summer. This can be explained by the fact that almost everyone wants to go on vacation in the summer. You are more likely to enjoy your trip to Dubrovnik during the spring or fall when they’re fewer tourists. However, you could still choose to visit the city in the summer, it does not lose an ounce of its beauty simply because they’re numerous tourists!

Top 5 Travel tips you need when traveling to Dubrovnik

3. Where to stay

Dubrovnik offers its tourists a wide array of options to choose from for accommodation. You can rent an apartment through or, especially if you are traveling as a huge party. This will help reduce your budget significantly as most apartments come fitted with a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to cook your own meals.

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Several 5- star hotels have also set up shop in Dubrovnik, including Sheraton, Hilton, and Excelsior. Additionally, for those who prefer camping, Dubrovnik has an exquisite camp known as Solitudo.

Basically, the closer to the town you stay the more expensive accommodation is.

Top 5 Travel tips you need when traveling to Dubrovnik

4. Preferable Currency to Use

Most restaurants and establishments will accept either the local currency Kuna or Euro. It is, however, preferable to use the local currency as there have been reports of tourists being overcharged when they choose to pay in Euros. If you choose to pay in Euros, ensure you are familiar with the current conversion rates.

Top 5 Travel tips you need when traveling to Dubrovnik

5. Where to go

Where not to go in Dubrovnik! Dubrovnik is currently a UNESCO heritage site and hosts some of the most valuable historical Croatian property.

Below are some of the must-go-to sites in Dubrovnik:

City walls- you have not explored the old town till you have gone around the City Walls. It will take you about 2 hours to complete the full circle but the scenic views will be worth it.

Mount SRD– ensure you take a hike or a cable car to the top of Mount SRD. It hosts a war museum at the top where you can enjoy viewing historical artifacts. You can also have a meal at the Panorama Restaurant as you enjoy the views.

Island of Lokrum- this island is home to some of the most beautiful gardens and exotic wildlife you will ever get to see. Additionally, it plays host to a great myth, go find out!

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Beaches– Dubrovnik has numerous beaches, from the highly populated Banje beach to more relaxing ones like Pasjaca Beach. Tourists are also at liberty to sunbathe topless in some of these beaches.

If you haven’t already, add Dubrovnik to your travel locations bucket list.

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