What Factors to Consider while Selecting 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon

2 BHK flats in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is synonymous with high-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, and big malls. The Millennium City is a quintessential example of rapid urbanisation in northern India. It is also one of the most sought-after property investment destinations in the country. One can easily choose from a vast variety of plots, flats, villas, etc. based on their requirements and preferences.

When you talk about flats in Gurgaon in specific, they are available in different BHK configurations such as 1, BHK 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and so on. However, it is the 2 BHK flats for sale in Gurgaon that have gained a lot of prominence over the years. They have increasingly become the most suited choice for nuclear families and couples setting up home in the city.

Living in a 2 BHK flat in Gurgaon truly serves advantageous in this day and age. With a master bedroom and one other bedroom, 2 BHK flats too range from luxury to affordable and are quite easy to maintain. The second bedroom can become your children’s room, double up as an added storage space, a study, or can simply be used as a guest room.

However, before selecting a 2 BHK flat in Gurgaon, there are some things that you should keep in mind. It is a fact that the 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon have a lot to offer and that you will be able to find several options for the same. Here are some factors that you can consider to ensure that you find the perfect home: –

  1. Price of the Property

The first step in choosing a 2 BHK flat in Gurgaon is to set a budget. The overall price of a flat will include its actual price, maintenance charges, parking charges, membership fee for any clubhouse the project may offer, etc. Once you have a set budget in mind, it will become easier for you to find the right flat. Remember, at times you may be tempted to go a little over your budget, but what may seem feasible now may not remain so further down the line. Keep all these in mind when you set your budget. Then you can begin your search for a flat in the same price bracket.

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2. Location

A key factor to consider when you look for 2 BHK flats for sale in Gurgaon is the location. It is crucial to look around the area where you plan to reside. The important points to analyse are the infrastructure and amenities.

In addition, one should also not forget to check out the different social amenities nearby, such as parks, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc. A region with ready amenities will not only help you settle down more easily into your new space but will also ensure ease for the future.

Another thing that you must check is the connectivity of the area with other regions in the city. Also, do not forget to check if the flat is located in a secure and safe area.

The location also contributes to the mental and physical well-being of the residents and becomes an important point of consideration at such a time. So, it is important to pay attention to this factor while selecting your future home.

3. Checking More about the Land

Another important aspect to be taken care of when you are looking for 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon for sale, is the land on which the project is constructed. One thing you should do is put in some research about the topography and soil quality of the land. Then, check if the plot is registered, the land use allotted to it, and whether it is clear of all dues and litigation. The title deed is another thing that needs to be verified and checked thoroughly.

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The land on which your flat is built should be permitted by the Government for construction purposes (land use). It must fall under the build-able land category. In a situation where the government has not given the required permissions, it will be considered as illegal construction. A sanctioned building plan can provide the complete information you seek.

4. Apartment Possession

Apartment possession is another factor to consider at the time of buying 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon. As a buyer, you must have clarity on the estimated timeline of possession.

5. Builder-Buyer Agreement

You can book a 2 BHK for sale in Gurgaon by giving a token amount of money. In return, you get an allotment letter. After this, the buyer, builder, and bank enter into a tripartite agreement for the remaining amount. The agreement must be read and understood thoroughly before it is signed. Every clause should be understood in a clear manner. This is also the time when you can seek answers for any doubts that you may have.

6. Additional Charges

There is a chance that charges such as parking, club membership, development charges, preferential location charges, and power backup might be included in the pricing of the apartment. These charges are usually embedded in the schedule of payment and collected at regular time periods. Also, at the time of registration, one is required to pay the stamp duty as well as the registration charges. Hence, it is crucial for you to understand such charges and do preparations accordingly.

7. Property Taxes

It is highly important that the property tax for the land is paid to the corporation departments on a regular basis. The payment needs to be up-to-date and the builder should be able to give you the latest tax payments’ receipt.

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Many years of saving and planning go into buying your dream home. Buying a house is a very important step in anyone’s life. So, when you are looking for the perfect 2 bhk flat in gurgaon ready to move, make sure you put in the due research to ensure you make the right decision.

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