6 Gift Ideas to make Treasured Memories


Gifts are one of the best ways to express love and gratitude towards someone. The monetary value of gift is not important, but what important is the emotions and efforts that went under the gift. So it is not necessary that the gifts always possess a high monetary value many a times a handwritten note proves to be much better than any expensive or designer gifts. Nowadays there’s even a trend of handmade photo frames, fairy lights jar, DIY birthday cards, self baked cakes and so many other gifts which are not materialistic but something that is made with so much love and efforts.

We have wonderful ideas for gifts which will become everlasting in the receiver’s memories, below are the ideas which they are going to cherish for the lifetime.

Get a Good Conversation Going

In these busy lives we hardly find time for our family members. We even rush during lunch and dinners. So here we have a wonderful idea to have jolly conversations at the dinner table. Gift your loved one a Mason jar which contains chits of different questions then pull out one chit every night and start wonderful conversations with family every night. The most fun part is that everyone is going to have different and interesting answers. This is one of the best ways to gel up with your friends and family.

Go Wild and Crazy

The time we start working, we are shouldered with lot of responsibilities that we hardly take time out to try out adventurous activities. We would be an adventurous junkie since our childhood but these work commitments doesn’t permit us to get wild. So, this time take your loved one for various adrenaline rush activities to give them the time of their lives. You can take them for cliff jumping, get a ride in a hot air balloon or go for snorkelling. Get a tick on any of the activities on your bucket list.

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Give Ticket to a Special Event

Does your beloved love Rock band concerts? Or she wants to travel Paris? It could be the tickets of anything your loved one admires. Book a ticket for your boyfriend of NBA match. The choice is yours from watching your favourite sport to a stand comedy show. To make this even more special order cake online of a theme related to the ticket you have booked. She will definitely love this idea of yours and will cherish it for the lifetime; this would even give number of memories of time spent at the concert.

Hunt for Food

Do you guys have a favourite restaurant? Make the birthday dinner exclusive for her by booking a corner table at that restaurant. Or take her to a breakfast date in pyjamas unlike those tacky dinner dates, this is going to fun. Give cake order online of her favourite flavour and let her savour its delicious taste. You can take her for food hopping throughout the day trying out new dishes and also your forever favourite ones. This is going to be the best gifts to all the foodies out there.

Find a New Desert

If she loves spending time in the kitchen which means if kitchen is her happy place and cooking is her favourite hobby. Then explore new desert recipes with her. You do your homework by shopping all the necessary ingredients required for the recipe. With all the supplies try out making something new and different and give that recipe your beloved’s name. If it turns out good, you can also upload it on YouTube to surprise her. Get her Ramsay’s cook book and a designer Apron to add cherry on the cake.

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Sign them up for a Class

Is there any skill set or a sport your partner is longing to learn since so long? If yes, this is the perfect time to get them enrolled in the particular class. It can be anything like culinary class, gymnastics, Photography, yoga classes, sewing or knitting class, self-defence class, jewellery making or Dance class. Surprise her by signing up for these classes. You can also get yourself enrolled to double the fun and to learn something new. Get a birthday cake delivery at these classes and invite your batch mates to celebrate your friend’s birthday.

There are numerous other ways like giving them a clean house or making them a playlist which is not at all materialistic but which will last forever in their hearts and they will treasure it for lifetime.

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