6 Major Tips That Would Make Your Enterprise Business Videos a Major Success

6 Major Tips That Would Make Your Enterprise Business Videos a Major Success

Studies have shown that some business videos are of a great success and some are not. And this usually happens when your business video is not integrated in a proper manner or is not driven by a wise marketing campaign which in turn is a huge problem for you and your business. Given here are the 10 major tips that would make your enterprise business videos a major success.

Having the best explanatory video ever: Though at the very first glance this might seem to be a bit exaggerated, but the truth here is that video quality is something that could easily affect your marketing results. And when your enterprise business video does not stand out among your competitors, then the only major reason behind this is that it’s badly animated, or has a story that’s not interesting enough. A bad quality business video could easily damage the brand image of your organization.

It’s all about the viewers who are watching them: Do make it clear in the first few second of your business video why does someone need to watch it. In short immediately spell out what your video has for them. Online videos are one of the best ways of engaging your potential clients but the key to their effectiveness is when you provide a value to the ones watching the video. So have your business video starting with a message being told in the beginning increasing conversions. Videos here highlight the greatness and coolness of your brand which in short is less effective than the videos providing viewers with an immediate value.

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Asking for a feedback: One of the best ways to give your customers what they need is by asking them what they want. Internal feedback is generally not sufficient enough to determine if your video would ever stay afloat, so test your video strategy in order to see if you have a strong call to action button or not, in order to see if the language you are using is easy enough to understand or too tech enough. Have a feedback at the end of each of every video, not just their opinion on that specific video but also what they would like to see in the future.

Keeping the message short and concise: Have your business video kept to 60 seconds or less. Let’s face it that the marketing audience you are trying to target through your business video has a very short span these days. If you want your message to be heard by the right marketing audience then it had better be delivered quickly. The statistics we would be pulling through this business video show video viewership drop off consistently and dramatically after 60 seconds. Remember a beautifully designed business video for more than one minute is less likely to be seen by your marketing audience.

Using your video in order to boost your email marketing: Well you could read this yourself. Click through rates on emails that are being sent with your business video generally increase with more than 100% and the mere word video used in the subject line increase the open rates from 7 to 13%. Then why not you include your marketing business video in your email marketing campaign also.

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Socializing your business video: When it comes to social media videos are generally the most shared content on it. Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter have provided us with different features sharing videos posted by different social media users. And in order to seize this opportunity it’s always good when you have a call to action button being placed next to the video in your website. These are buttons that would encourage others in sharing your business videos or the entire content via social media channels.

To conclude when you are dealing with business that is an e-commerce venture or a service provider, then enterprise business videos are one of the best ways conveying the best messages to your marketing audience, with its impact that is more likely compared to the other content marketing strategies like blogging or infographics. So what other tips would you like to add to make enterprise business videos a major success. Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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