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The second-largest city in Haryana and a growing finance and technology centre is Gurgaon, known as Gurugram. Gurgaon (now Gurugram), a developing metropolis and commercial centre close to the national capital of Delhi, is a crucial component of the National Capital Region (NCR). In this post, we examine the top ten tourist attractions in Gurgaon as well as activities to enjoy a fantastic trip.

The best time to visit Gurgaon –

September through December are prime travel months for Gurgaon. These months have a good climate. Avoid January because it is chilly and overcast. Gurgaon is also a wonderful place to visit in February and March.

Top 5 places to visit in Gurgaon are –

1. Damdama Lake

Gurgaon’s Damdama Lake is a popular tourist destination. Damdama Lake, a renowned reservoir in Sohna in the Gurgaon district, is spread out over 3,000 acres. It is also one of Haryana’s biggest lakes and provides peaceful views of the surrounding countryside for a day of relaxation. Here, you may see about 200 bird species, such as painted and spoon-billed storks. The lake is a well-liked picnic location and is only 20 kilometres from Gurgaon. The Aravalli serves as the lake’s back drop. Additionally, boating and camping are options close to the lake.

2. Sheetla Mata Mandir

One of the most significant Hindu pilgrimages in the nation is the Sheetla Mata Mandir in Gurgaon, which is one of the nine shakti peeths. The Devi is seen as Sheetla’s reincarnation of Goddess Durga. The Goddess is loved because they think she can banish smallpox if they worship her completely with faith. Jat King Jawahar Singh constructed the current temple in the 18th century. In the Mahabharata epic, she is also thought to be Kripi (Lalitha), the wife of Guru Dronacharya, the teacher of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. The name Gurugram, or the village of the guru, is derived from the Gurgaon district, where the temple is situated on Sheetla Mata Road.

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3. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a must-see location in Gurgaon. It is the ideal location for birdwatchers to see migratory birds because it was founded by ornithologist and former Honorary Secretary of the Delhi Birdwatching Society Peter Jackson. Nearly 250 bird species exist, including domestic and migratory species from Siberia, Europe, and Afghanistan. Common Hoopoe, Paddy Field Pipit, Purple Sunbird, Little Cormorant, Eurasian Thick-knee, Gray Francolin, White-throated Kingfisher, Spot-Billed Duck, and Painted Stork are a few of the birds you can see here all year long. The Siberian Crane, Greater Flamingo, Rough Black-winged Stilt, Common Teal, Common Greenshank, Wagtail, White Wagtail, Northern Shoveler, and Rosy Pelican can all be seen in stunning wintertime migration displays in the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

4. Cyber Hub

Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub is popular with both visitors and locals. Gurugram has dining establishments, bars, lounges, and retail stores. The 4 lakh square foot Cyber Hub opened in October 2013 and is home to 50 culinary businesses. This is the perfect spot to unwind with friends or spend a lazy Sunday with the family. It is close to Cyber City, a business park home to numerous Fortune 500 and top IT companies. The location has a distinct edge thanks to an open area and theme events. The nightlife in this party hotspot is renowned as well. On National Highway 8, which connects Gurugram to Delhi, is where Cyber Hub is well situated.

5. Heritage Transport Museum

India’s top museum for displaying the history of transportation is the Heritage Transport Museum. The museum is built out over more than three acres and is situated in Tauru in the Gurgaon neighbourhood. The museum is the consequence of Tarun Thakral’s love of collecting vehicles. More than 2,500 carefully collected exhibits are housed at the museum, which is divided into categories such pre- and heavily-mechanized transport, railways, aircraft, maritime transport, and rural and indigenous transport. More than 75 vintage and classic cars are on show, parked next to a retro-themed recreation of an Indian street scene.

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There is so much to see and do in Gurgaon that visitors of all ages will never run out of things to do there. Therefore, you can be sure that you will have lots to explore when it comes to spending quality time with your family or friends. We’ve included a list of the top 5 great locations in Gurgaon that we heartily endorse to help you narrow down your options.Checkout Treebo Hotels in Gurgaon. 

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