6 University Shared Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

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I graduated from university last summer and I remember the days of student halls. Having a single shelf in the fridge, nobody following the bin rota and everyone being furious at that one person who just won’t wash up their pans.

Now, if you’re going to uni at any point in the future, don’t be expecting good hobs and modern cooker hoods. The shared kitchen is all part of the first-year experience, like drinking too much and sleeping in rather than attending that lecture.

So, from a graduate perspective, here are 7 shared kitchen essentials that I used like crazy in my first year of university.

1. Food Storage Containers

Leftovers are the holy grail for students. Cooking for just one person can be tricky, as most ingredients are sold in portions of 2 or more. Therefore, when you cook a delicious dish, you’ll be saving the excess and heating it up for dinner tomorrow night.

Purchase a set of at least 4 storage containers, and I can guarantee that you will get your use out of them.

2. Travel Mug/Cup

Attending lectures in December/January time is hard enough. Forcing yourself out of your warm, comfy bed to go listen to Shakespeare for an hour is truly a task.

But, you can make your walk to campus a bit more enjoyable with a delicious, cost-effective hot drink. As a student, you’re usually on a tight budget, and buying a reusable coffee cup is the way to cut costs.

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Make yourself a hot drink to take with you in the mornings, and I promise Shakespeare will be a little more tolerable with your hangover.

3. Cutlery

Let me give you the best piece of advice you’ll ever receive. BUY A DISTINCTIVE CUTLERY SET. Please, save yourself bother at university and buy a unique cutlery set that you can easily set apart from everyone else.

The amount of time we would end up using each other’s cutlery because it all looked the same. I would lose forks, knives and spoons because I bought a generic-looking set. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just maybe pink or stripey to set it apart from the rest.

4. Pan Set

A decent pan set is essential when you’re cheffing it up in the kitchen. A couple of frying pans and a decent saucepan is all you need to cook all the meals you want. Usually, around this time, a lot of stores will roll out certain pan set deals. Where in which, you can get all of your pans for a bundle price.

So keep an eye out for these deals and get all your equipment before term time begins.

5. Student Cookbooks

Student cookbooks are an essential part of student life. They are books with recipes that are affordable, easy and delicious. My favourite ones include the ‘nom’ student cookbooks, which come with easy-to-follow recipes and the price per portion clearly stated to make your budgeting decisions simple.

You can pick these up second-hand for a really affordable price, or simply order them from Amazon.

6. Basic Cooking Utensils

To help you fry, saute and serve your dishes, you’ll want to get your hands on a set of basic cooking utensils.

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A set of wooden cooking utensils will serve you well (no pun intended) and will make cooking up your favourite dishes a breeze. Wooden utensils are easy to clean and highly durable in all sorts of temperatures.

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