How to Find the Best Washing Machine for Your Home

How to Find the Best Washing Machine for Your Home

Today’s washing machines are more energy-efficient and advanced that ever before and customized to our needs. What you need is a reliable washing machine that gently cleans clothes for years to come. Depending on type, capacities, and functions, washing machines can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,900. If you haven’t bought a washing machine for a while finding a washer that suits your needs can be confusing. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best washing machine for your home:


Typically, there are two types of washing machines sold in stores now for household, top-loading washing machine, and front-loading washing machine. Loading and unloading of clothes in the top-loading washing machine are done from the top, while the front-loading washing machine you have to bend to do it.

Top-Loader Washing Machine

Top-loader washing machines come in two types, with an agitator, and an impeller. In an agitator model, clothes move around a central pole in the middle of the drum. In an impeller washer, a propeller-like device at the bottom of the drum whips up the water to wash the clothes. Agitator models are priced less and are faster than top-loader washing machines without an agitator. For example, an agitator Whirlpool washing machine starts from $478.

The advantages of top-loader washing machines are:

Lower cost

Used less water

Faster wash cycles

Larger capacities

The lid of the washing machine can be opened to add detergent and clothes in mid-cycle.

Front-Loader Washing Machine:

Front-load washing machines are usually more expensive than top-loaders. In front-loaders, clothes are loaded into the washing machine at the front and are washed by a spinning drum.  The front-loader washing machines clean better and more efficient than top-loader washing machines and use less water. Price starts from $449 for popular brands like Electrolux, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG and so.

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The advantages of using front-loader washing machines are:

Uses less water and energy

Clean better than top-loader washing machines

Gentler on clothes

Shorter drying times

Require less space to install

Cheaper over the long run

Better comprehensive settings

Load Capacity

When buying a washing machine size in an important factor to consider. A typical washing machine will have a capacity of around 6-7 kilos, which is perfect for a family of four members. If you have fewer people, you can opt for a smaller model, but it’s better to plan ahead because when your family can get bigger and you might need to buy a new one.  So, don’t buy a smaller model, it may save you some money, but you don’t have to buy another one for some time.

Space Requirements

Bigger capacity washing machines will need more space to install. So, before you purchase a one, measure the space where you will place the appliance repair. Leave at least 6 inches behind the washing machine for hooking up water intakes and about an inch between the washer and dryer. Also, check if the doors in your house are wide enough for the new washing machine to fit through. If you’re putting the washing machines close to your bedroom or the family room, choose the ones that have the least noise while running. You don’t want the machines to disturb you while they’re working. Also, look out for washing machines that have low vibrations.

Energy Efficiency

When buying a new washing machine, check out for the Energy Star Rating label, which certifies the how much energy efficient your chosen appliance is.  Purchase the washing machine that has the highest Energy Star Rating, as this will reduce your energy bills.

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Other Features to Look For

  • Automatic lock function to alert the user if the door has been opened during a wash.
  • Automatic dispensers to automatically dispense the detergent, fabric softeners when needed. Some washing machines have reservoirs to hold the detergents also.
  • Touch screen controls.
  • Stainless steel drums for additional durability and to prevent rust.
  • Adjustable legs or levelers to keep the washing machine steady and balanced.
  • Extra dampeners and insulation systems to lower noise and minimize vibrations.
  • Front-loader washing machines with the option to add detergent and clothes during between wash cycles.
  • Automatic temperature control systems to preset the water temperature or the set the water to the optimal temperature for a selected setting automatically.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.

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