3 Types of Brake Rotors and its functioning

Brake Rotors is a rotary part which is associated with the wheel

Brake is the most important aspect of a car as it stops the car from movement. To ensure proper braking in a vehicle lots of functioning spares and accessories are fixed into the braking system. Brake Rotors is a primary part which ensures the proper halt of the wheel. Brake Rotors is a rotary part which is associated with the wheel. They are made up of Cast Iron or Reinforced carbon and ceramic composites. The extended part is associated with the brake disc.

Brake Rotors is a rotary part which is associated with the wheel

How does the Brake Rotors work?

To stop the vehicle, the primary action to be performed by a driver is to apply the brakes, when you apply the brakes, the master cylinder gets accessed which guides the Brake fluids to the Callipers. The calipers now surround the Brake Rotors associated with the wheel meanwhile the Brake pad pressurizes the Rotors. The Rotors are associated with disc brake. The Discs are directly linked to the wheel. When the disc is compelled to stop, the rotating wheel also gets slowed down due to the adaptation of disc brake over it. Thus, the vehicle stops. This is how it works.

Types of Rotors

There are various types of Brake Rotors based on the structure and their positioning. They are:

  • Vented Rotors
  • One Piece Rotors
  • Two Piece/Floating Rotors

Vented Rotors

Vented Rotors are most commonly used Rotors in all types of vehicles. The key reason for its frequent usage is the proven ventilation that it provides to the car. The vented Rotors have air ducts in them which pave the way for heat to escape. This helps to cool down the Rotors and increases its efficiency.

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One-Piece Rotors

One-Piece Rotors has the braking unit associated in its heart area which is nothing but the central part of the car. This type of Rotors is also used widely but it has some notable drawbacks. Unlike the vented Rotors, One-piece Rotors have a poor performance in conducting heat. The imbalance of temperature makes the element expand which then affects the Rotors badly. The car will need a change of these rotors periodically.

Two-Piece Rotors

This type of Rotors is mostly preferred by the people who use the brakes sharply and racers to ensure crisp braking. The reason is that it has less weight and it deals with the heat efficiently than One-Piece Rotors. The braking unit is mounted on the top of the Rotors like a hat. The major drawback of these rotors is its size. It occupies a wide area compared to other type of Rotors.

How does the Brake Rotors work?

How to maintain it?

The Braking system should be maintained properly as it plays a major role in the proper functioning of a vehicle. The braking fluid should be checked periodically, and the brake pads should get dust free.Failing to maintain the Brake fluid and brake pad will result in providing less friction to the Rotors. If the brake pads and brake fluid provide less friction to the rotors, then it leads to the failure of the braking system. The Rotors should be checked occasionally as they are prone to rust. Rusted Rotors may slip when you apply brake the slippery nature will ruin the entire braking system and will also damage the caliper.

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When to replace the Brake Rotors?

 The average lifespan of a brake Rotors is somewhere around 55,000 Kilometers to 70,000 kilometers. The lifetime of Rotors will always depend on the way it gets maintained. If the brake pads are maintained properly and replaced after every 20,000 kilometers then the brake Rotors can last up to 80,000 kilometers, if the pads are not well-maintained, it will affect the Rotors directly.

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